MurWalls: born out of the love of football, a passion for art, and an extraordinary act of kindness.

It began when 9 year-old Caiden was having his bedroom decorated. Caiden loves West Ham just like his dad. MurWalls founder Marc Silver, suggested incorporating his own collection of West Ham United shirts he’d collected over 40+ years of being a Hammers fan. His idea was to recreate the Hammers changing room on the wall, where the shirts could be hung.

Marc commissioned the talented graffiti artist Gnasher, to paint the changing room design. Hyper-real 3D effects brought the detail to life, and best of all – space with pegs for his shirts to hang, as if in waiting for the players to put them on before a big game.

Caiden loved it, and so did everyone else. Marc knew he had something special.

Three years on, Marc met Ella Markham. 16-year-old Ella has Down’s syndrome. She had been the victim of terrible online bullying after her dad had posted a video of her dancing at a game after her beloved Tottenham FC had played.

Marc wanted to bring the family some happiness. He contacted Ella’s dad and offered gift a customised MurWall in their home. The result was incredible, Ella and her family were thrilled.

Marc already knew how much people loved the concept. Now he also recognised the power it had to help others, perhaps when they needed a lift in their lives.

This is what MurWalls is here to support: the love of football, a passion for art, and extraordinary acts of kindness.